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We are traveling from Minnesota to Arizona for the winter in our satellite equiped motorhome. Along the way we stop for overnight stays. We would like to have local channels available where we are stopped for the night and eventually in Arizona where we will be staying in our motorhome for 4 months. I have tried working with both Customer Service and Technical Support to get my service address changed in order to receive local channels where we are currenly stopped - this changes nightly during our trip south. I have spent literally hours resetting and other various procedures with not success. Customer Service was able to update our service address which removed the Minnesota local channels but did not replace them with the local channels in Kansas which is where we were at that time. Technical Support also did several things and came to the conclusion that we needed to update our dish. Our dish is older and only SD but updating would be a very expensive solution and not one we are planning to do. This dish has received local channels in Minnesota for years with no issues. In fact we watched local channels in Minnesota on this dish and receiver less than a week ago. So I don't believe the issue is the dish. Has anyone been able to change their local channels while traveling and how was it accomplished? If this problem cannot be resolved we will have to look at Dish programming which I understand is more 'mobile friendly'. Anyone with experience with Dish?

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