Local News, Info, Are Mobile DTV's Big Draws

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Local News, Info Are Mobile DTV's Big Draws - 2010-09-14 16:31:52 | Broadcasting & Cable

From the article:

"Local news and weather is the most popular programming among several hundred tire-kickers on mobile DTV in the Washington, D.C. area.

That is according to the 150 Sprint customers who turned in their phones for specially modified Samsung Moment phones to tune into D.C. area TV stations testing the service, which broadcasters hope will give them a piece of the mobile video market." ...

... "The service is also being tested on netbooks and LG DVD players through Oct. 30, bringing the total test group to about 350." ...


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That local news is the big draw should surprise absolutely no one. Local content of any nature has been broadcast TV and radio's strong suit for years, and it's what people want from their local broadcasters.

The big surprise to me was that people didn't want to give the devices up. It was apparently enough of an issue to find its way into the article. That says something!

- Trip