"Location not Authorized" error message on LG OLED with RVU - DirecTV

This TV does not have a receiver, it uses the internal RVU. I've had it set up for 6 months with no problems (4k, PPV all work fine). Just recently, this error message appeared and obviously we don't get picture. I have a separate receiver that runs through my home theater and that works fine. The home network and other TVs are running fine and the main Genie HD DVR is good. I called CS but the operator had a hard time understanding that there is no "box" going into the TV. I was pressed for time, so I cut the call short without a resolution.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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I have this same problem. It started last night when DTV did some sort of upgrade on their end. I called and they said their systems were down during an update. Since then my RVU can not be activated and DTV is useless. Half the reps dont even know what an RVU is. Its incredibly aggravating. If you get any info, please pass it along. Thanks.

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