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This question is about "(logs attached) Long random packet losses affecting gaming.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Lately been having random packet loss affecting TV stream (wireless) and gaming on Wired PC next to the modem/router. See error messages in the modem. Here is the data below.

1. Wichita Falls, TX 76308, Single family
2. Internet Ultra plan 400/20

3. Netgear CM700 modem

4. Netgear R6400v2 router

5. Modem firmware v1.02.02 (Hardware v2)

6. Says Connection Status Unavailable on TWC/Spectrum login

7. Purchased speed is 400/20, Getting 488/24 on average. Ping 12-14, jitter low.

8. Wired connection but all devices get the issue of lagging out, pausing for 5-10 seconds and resuming. Playing the game it'll stop responding and character runs in place for a bit. Youtube TV screen will timeout and go black for 10 seconds. I have a ping test going on my wired PC that's next to the router and modem using ping -t www.ups.com since ups is the closest and easier ping to remember since it's normally 12-14ms. Didn't have latency issues until recently and it's getting annoying.

9. Modem signal pictures posted.

10. Cable line goes from alley to attic of house. There is a splitter but not using anything on them other than the internet and have the other connections capped off to avoid static. Just line going directly to room w/ modem on the ground next to the PC, then connected to the router, then wired to my PC which I do the ping test.

11. I have the house wired freshly w/ cat6 cable and ethernet jacks in each room. Router will have one wire connect to the wall which feeds the other 3 rooms ethernet jacks.

12. No changes in neighhood aware of.

13. Alot of time outs to rr.com when using tracert

14. Already mentioned happens when gaming/watching Youtube TV.

15. Packet loss issues happen w/o anything extra upload/download going.

(logs attached) Long random packet losses affecting gaming.?

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