Question: London Calling?

From 24 to Bravo's Ladies of London, more and more American TV shows are making use of the UK's capital. Is this a post-Olympics fad that will wear off by the time of Rio 2016 or is it reflective of a new dependence on Britain (UK actors, formats, programs) in the content of US shows?

What do you think about London being so prominent in US TV shows? How do you feel about British culture intruding into American TV?


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If you think the "British Invansion" on TV is a bit over the top, what about the "Indian Invasion" - Check Netflix. So much "Bollywood" content sometimes it overwhelms the "Just added" category. I wish I could filter it out.


I watch a lot of British and foreign shows already, so I don't mind. I think the more different cultures people are exposed to, the better.

On the other hand, the British Doctor Who also filmed some episodes in America in the last couple years. So I think the cross-pollination goes both ways.

Perhaps it's because TV is having more big budget shows, which can afford to shoot on location? Or because the internet allows shows to cross borders more quickly than they did 30 or 40 years ago?
Thanks for the thoughts. It's true that the success of BBC America and the BBC's partnership with HBO and Showtime has led to a lot more transatlantic shows (Episodes, Orphan Black etc.). 24: Live Another Day actually uses London very sparingly, and usually as a convenient surveillance state in which to set a techno-espionage thriller. I read it was a tribute to the UK's fandom of 24 in its rocky early years.