'Longmire' Debut Passes the Test; Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips Shine


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Watch out, Longmire fans, I liked it! Sunday evening A&E debuted their new modern day western drama, the pilot episode airing twice, back to back in prime time.

View attachment 1749 The show stars Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. In the past year, the man has been immersed in his sorrows, that being the loss of his wife. It is in this first hour of the dramatic series that he more or less comes back to life and decides to take hold of the reins once again.

I was worried in the immediate opening that I wouldn't like the series. In fact, I almost turned it off because I thought there was going to be a bloody massacre of sheep. A sheep was killed, but we didn't really see it and it was not the focal point of the show.

Right after that moment, though, we had a murder, followed by shots of Longmire in the shower. I was really worried this show was going to be ultra violent, full of sex, and feature profanity. I was wrong on all three counts. This kept me watching without reaching for the remote control.

The story proceeds to solve the murder and find a missing teenager while satisfactorily introducing several key characters. My favorite was Henry, owner of a bar, as played by Lou Diamond Phillips. Henry is Walt's best friend, and the two actors play well against each other. There is some conflict that plays very real. It resolves itself nicely and in an unconventional way.

I realized at the end of the hour that I had really enjoyed the show. That could be bad news. Oftentimes, the new shows I embrace do not last long. I hope that is not the case this time around. Taylor and Phillips were great with Katee Sackhoff and Bailey Chase offering good support.