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I was reviewing a site with the fire marshal yesterday and part of the process is to confirm that devices used in the TV system were all UL listed. After that, it reminded me to say to everyone else, look for the UL listing on products you buy for TV reception, especially those that will plug into the electrical wall outlet.

We tend to take for granted that all electronic things we buy in the US are safe. Most all are and this is assured by the testing of a prototype product at UL. But there are times when I will find a line amplifier power supply or preamplifier power supply that has no UL identifier. These are generally the cheap, no-name devices. Chances are, the product is safe but it would be better to be assured that it was proven safe. You can also find UL listings on coaxial cable and TV outlet covers as these are all parts of the electronic communications system in your home.

Considering that most of the TV reception devices end up in basements, attics and crawl spaces, where people infrequently spend time, you want to know that the device was tested to work safely in these places. It would be disturbing to think that a non-UL listed power supply could have unlimited time to smolder away and start a fire. Be safe. Make sure it has a UL listing.

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Steve's warning also refers to the small plastic-housed transformer power supplies that plug directly into 110 VAC outlets. They are often called 'wall-warts'. For information on how to spot phony UL certification tags, click a link below.


How To Spot UL Fakes (UL Website) UL | How to Spot Fakes

How to discern a real UL Mark How to discern a real UL Mark - Boing Boing

From the website:

"Whether a UL Mark comes in the form of a label or is die-stamped, silk-screened or molded into a product, it needs to contain the following 4 design elements to be verified as legitimate: ..."


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All good additional information - thank you. As long as there is some official indication that a product has a safety testing history is important. There are all kinds of non-retail products being bought that have no indication of any testing agency indication. I find them frequently at customer residences.