Looking for a New Roku Remote App?

Whenever you buy a Roku content streaming box, it will not only come with a traditional remote control, but also batteries for the remote. Although there is no requirement to buy a separate device for changing the content being played through the Roku, a common desire for users who enjoy the popular streaming box is to find a decent third party Roku remote app that will work with a smart phone or tablet. These apps come in very handy when one either misplaces the primary Roku remote control or if you desire to have increased functionality for your remote as compared to the options provided on the stock controller. Luckily for consumers, there are remote apps available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and even a connected computer.

Roku Remote App for Android

There are a number of Android remote apps available via the Android Marketplace at low cost. The following is a listing of some of the better known apps that are available for use with the Roku streaming box if you have chosen Roku as your streaming TV option for the home. Chromecast vs Roku vs Apple TV

Cost: $1.99 on Android Market

The Rokubyte Android app is able to support multiple Roku players. Once configured the app will connect instantly to your Roku player and supports interaction via either keyboard entry or the D-pad/Swipe-pad. For those who are fans of voice control, this remote app for Android supports a voice search feature.

Roku Remote
Cost: $1.49 on Android Market

This app lets the consumer fully control and replace the functionality of the original Roku remote control from an Android phone. It includes an auto-scan for Roku Players on your home or work’s WiFi network and also includes the ability to directly navigate to any channel on the device using the “Channel” button. Other functionality includes Instant Replay, Back, and Info buttons.

Cost: Free on Android Market

The SavyBud Roku Remote App support both Android and iOS devices. The SavyBud remote app has been proven to work with the Roku XD S, Roku XD, and Roku HD models.

Roku Remote App for iPhone

Similar to the Roku remote apps available for Android devices, there are several options for those who use the iPhone, or most other iOS driven devices.

Dijit Universal Remote App
Cost: Free at iTunes Store

The Dijit universal remote app is available for free and works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Once the app is installed on a mobile device, it will automatically detect any Roku players in the home once the device starts. The Dijit remote app features a scrolling capability that lets the consumer scroll through the content options quickly via the Roku interface.

Cost: $2.99 at iTunes Store

The DVPRemote app works for all WiFi capable iDevices to include the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app includes the same functionality found on the standard Roku remote. It also features auto-repeat of buttons that are held on the remote, button customization, and auto-detection of Roku boxes connected to the home network. Since the DVPRemote uses the home WiFi, it can be used from any room in the house to control the Roku box.

Cost: $1.99 at iTunes Store

The RoRemote provides full control of one’s Roku streaming box from the iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. The box can be controlled from any room in the house, and adds a keyboard button to enter information into any channel’s text box in addition to the standard Roku controls.

Roku Remote App for the Computer
Cost: Free
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The Remoku controller for the Roku is unique in that it is a website that lets you control the Roku located on your home network. It is supported by most major Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE), and also works on both Android and iOS browsers. The only catch is you have to know the IP address of the Roku box to use the remote control. For those who are not familiar with looking up their Roku’s IP, you can find this by selecting the “Settings” menu option on the Roku. Alternatively, you can use the admin control panel of your home network’s router to find this IP address when the Roku is connected to the network.
Remoku Website: Remoku

Roku Remote App for Windows Phone
Cost: $1.99 (Available as a free trial)

The WPRemote for Roku is one of the few options for Roku remote apps that supports the Windows phone. The app emulates all of the standard Roku remote options. It will automatically scan the WiFi network to locate connected Roku devices and then connects to the Roku box. The app is capable of connecting to multiple boxes and allows the user to be able to switch between different Rokus located in the same home.

The WPRemote app does not require a direct line of sight to the Roku box in order to work since it uses the wireless network to connect to the box. The app also includes an Instant Replay button to help make up for the lack of this feature with the Roku 2 boxes. Also, when you swipe to the right on the app, a channels page is displayed which lets you jump instantly to any saved channels on the device. Finally, the app includes a virtual keyboard that lets you enter text for searches for the channels that support this capability such as Netflix.

What is the Best Roku Remote App?

There isn’t necessarily a clear winner across the various Roku remote apps that are available for the various smart phones and tablets on the market. There is at least one option available for each major phone operating system on the market, and with the Remoku virtual controller being able to work from just about any wireless connected computer or device, there are a large number of options for consumers to choose from when picking a third party Roku remote app.