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To all users of DTV USA Forum,

We are a group of undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University who are currently enrolled in a project course entitled Policy Analysis. This course provides an opportunity for senior students to apply their advanced knowledge of public policy to a pressing real world issue.

We, like you, are also very concerned about the transition to digital television on Feb 17th. Through our research we have realized that though there is a great deal of information already available on the internet, there is no comprehensive resource that consolidates all of this information into an easily navigable site. Thus, we have developed a wiki located here: Main Page - DTV Wiki

The wiki offers information on the transition, local cities, hardware selection and installation guides. We have also created a troubleshooting tool that will help you step by step to ensure your television is setup correctly. For any questions that cannot be answered via the wiki, we also have a forum where technical experts will attempt to help you out. Our goal is to reduce the strain on call centers and prepare as many people as possible for a smooth transition.

We would like to invite everybody to join us on this project and contribute to the DTV wiki. Any information that you have which could prove beneficial for another user would be greatly appreciated. Things such as user testimonials for hardware and regional information are highly desired. Registration is required and open to everyone, you can register here. As this is a very ambitious project we would request everyone to follow our best practices policy to keep the wiki consistent. Finally please do not post any malicious information, everything posted becomes public to the world and people may be depending on your words as a valuable resource. Please join us in making the transition to digital television a smooth one and to set a model for the world.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your support.