Looking for simple homemade bowtie antenna designs?


I know I have seen some posted, but easier to ask in a thread. I want to make a easy to build and inexpensive bowtie antenna. I just help a friend get some OTA stations and they get two network stations, and one Ion station. The Ion station is in a different direction and even though it was the most power station, I wasn't able to split the difference between it and the network station. I would like to make a bowtie antenna and just add to the existing mast and use an A-B switch. Any simple designs out there. Thanks in advance for any help.


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I build my 2 - bay antennas using EV's plans for his 4 bay Kosmic Super Quad - it's basically just the two center bays.
here's the thread:
and the page w/ the BOM (Look towards the bottom of the page):

For a single 2-bay, you may want to use PVC schedule 40 instead of the metal pole for the mast (I do). You could also substitute stainless or brass welding rods for the 170 foot roll of 9 gauge zinc galvanized steel chain link fencing wire - although I have seen that wire in shorter lengths.

The 2 bays I make work quite well, better than commercial 2 bays. The 4 bay version works well onVHF-hi, but the 2-bays, not so much.

Even if you don't follow the BOM to make your own, make sure to copy the bowtie length and spacing for the KSQ.