Looking for Some Holiday Festivities? Try Roku's Holiday Fun Channel!

Roku offers a holiday channel for those of us who like to get in the holiday spirit. This channel, called the “Holiday Fun Channel” offers several different options for Christmas fun. The most widely talked about feature of the holiday channel is the Yule Log. This high definition screen saver type screen shows a fire crackling, making a fireplace right on your TV screen. You can watch the fireplace roar with or without Christmas music playing on the channel. For those that do not have a fireplace in their home, this adds a cozy touch to the room.

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The holiday channel also offers “Crackle,” a collection of six Christmas-themed movies and tv show episodes. According to the Roku Guide website, “Crackle” includes episodes of TV shows like All in the Family and Seinfeld. It also features movies such as Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights. I personally have never seen this holiday film so I cannot weigh in on whether I would consider it a good fit for the channel or not.

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Additionally, several short clips from Disney videos are featured on the Roku holiday channel. These clips run about three minutes long.

One of my personal favorite parts of the Holiday Fun Channel is “Chow,” a section with different videos with ‘how-to’ instructions and tips on how to make special holiday foods and crafts. These are fun things to do with the family and can be rewound or replayed to review any tips you may have missed. I always enjoy videos with fun recipes and crafts.

Another interesting feature of the holiday channel is “CNET.” CNET offers video reviews for ten hot Christmas gifts. The gifts are rotated each year for obvious reasons, as different items are more popular as times change.

The “TuneIn Radio” is also a fun feature of the channel. The station offers different Christmas music stations to be played through your Roku device. It also offers different genres of Christmas music in case you prefer one genre to another, such as jazz to oldies.

A final feature is “Flixster,” which offers several Christmas movie trailers to view. I found this feature to be slightly disappointing as just the trailer is viewable and not the movie.

I enjoy the Roku Holiday Fun Channel very much, as it offers not only movies and TV, but also fun extras such as the viewable recipes and crafts and of course, the Yule Log. My only complaint is in the lack of Christmas specials and classics available. I enjoy watching movies such as Rudolph and The Year Without a Santa Claus around Christmastime and movies such as those are not offered on the Holiday Channel. Other than that, the channel is fun and entertaining as well as useful.

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