Looking for the best source for Gig Internet Availability - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Looking for the best source for Gig Internet Availability", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I'm looking for the best place to find out when I will be eligible for Gig Internet service.

I've found that calling customer service and sales are not the best source. I called yesterday after a friend two towns over got the service. The rep looked into it, told me it was available for me and transferred me to sales. The sales rep also confirmed it was available for me and submitted an order.

The tech came out to install it and told me it is not available. He then told me I'd have to call into customer service to get it straightened out (as if it was my mistake) - the rep I spoke with also told me she saw it as available for me, however since the tech told me no, she cancelled the order. She told me to watch for advertisments to know when it would be available. I've already seen advertisments, so that's not a great idea either.

Since customer service and sales both see Gig Internet available for me, it's being advertised in my area, how can I tell when it is actually available for me??

The added upload (going from 20 to 35 is the big draw for me, and I can't get that bump soon enough)

At this point, all I can think of is calling in a week or two and putting in another order, which may or may not end well. Does anyone have any better ideas how I can tell when it will actually be available to me?

Looking for the best source for Gig Internet Availability?

Just Me

Time Warner Cable was bought out by Charter nearly 2 1/2 years ago and the Time Warner name was officially retired nearly a year ago. So you have Charter not TWC. Charter stated that 99% of their customer base will have Gig by the end of the year.

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