Looking to but a HDTV


Looking to buy a HDTV

I am looking to buy a 32 or 40 inch HDTV and would like to know which brand of TV has the best picture and rated the best one.

I have a 8 year old Samsung TV and am party sure it got hit by lighting. You cannot turn it on and was told to unplug it for 10 miniatures and plug it back in.I had it unplugged for a half hour and still it will not come on. So I believe the power pack has been hit.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I am sure that in 8 years they would have improved them allot.

What should I be looking at in quality?
LED or any of this stiff?

I would like the top rated high quality HDTV for the lowest possible price, which brand name fits this?
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There are a lot of good TV sets available, most of the components come from the same manufacturers, and a lot of them are actully produced by the same manufaturer. One of the biggest is Funai...
Funai Electric Company, Limited is a Japanese consumer electronics company headquartered in Daitō, Osaka, Japan. Its United States-based subsidiary Funai Corporation, Inc., based in Torrance, California, markets Funai-licensed brands including Sylvania, Emerson Radio, Magnavox, Philips, and Symphonic.

Funai is the main supplier of electronics to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores, with production quantities easily topping 2 million flat-panel televisions during the summertime per year for Black Friday sale, which all 2 million units easily sold-out within few minutes. Funai is the OEM providing assembled televisions and video players/recorders to major corporations such as Sharp, Toshiba, Denon, and others. Funai also manufactures printers for Dell and Lexmark.
I have to say that other than the reputation of the company that puts their name on it... go look for yourself at a B&M. Note that all TV sets in a showroom are set in a super bright mode, and it will look very different in your home with the proper settings. Check with Consumer Reports - available in most public libraries.

But Best value these days is generally an LED TV. Use a credit card for purchase that doubles the warranty period (call your card's 800 number and ask!) And wherever you buy it, make sure they have a liberal return policy that doesn't charge restocking fees.