looks like no DTV here


I'm about 9 miles from our local transmitter mountaintop with the exception of one UHF station. I receive three analog VHF stations (3,6,13,) two very well, one so-so and one UHF (29) so-so. My home, in hilly forested coastal northern California, is in a hole and my antenna is about 130 feet away at the highest point on my property on top of a stump. It appears that I have a fatal DTV reception problem in that, with my converter box (Dish TR-40) in signal-strength mode I receive zero digital signals. I have a newish Radio Shack "90 mile" VHF/UHF antenna with a mast-mounted RS amplifier and a rotor. In the faint hope that the scan rate on the converter signal-strength meter was slow, I lingered in the directions indicated by the AntennaWeb site. I also turned the amplifier down to zero gain and brought it back up in 1/4 gain increments while searching for stations, on the advice of one of our local station techs. It appears that with the trees (not on my property) and terrain I will never receive DTV. My guesstimate is that I would have to raise my antenna about 200 feet. There's no cable available, no DSL and area satellite reception has the same issues as my antenna, plus breaking up badly when it rains.

I'd be happy to receive any advice.
Hmm, I have minimal experience with that kind of distance (130') between the antenna and your converter box. You are using an amplifier, do you know how many db it is?


Good luck. I guess you're somewhere near Eureka. I'm in the Santa Cruz mountains.
No DTV here so far, even with a 91XG carefully aimed at the transmitters.

Let me know if you find anything that works.
angle the 91-xg 15 degrees to shoot over the obstacles this may help. also as for the rs antenna and amp from first post ditch the rs amp it is two noisy. use a channel master 7777 and I would recomend the 91-xg antenna tilted 15 degrees also with a 130 ft of coax you may need to add a distribution amp after the pre amp power source.:)