loss of HD channels - DirecTV DVR

For loss of HD channels, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. a while back I seemed to have lost my HD channels. I attributed it to the wind and a shoddy dish mount job. A few weeks back, I upgrade my TV. In doing so, unplugged my Zenith SAT520 receiver for 1/2 day. When I plugged it back in, whala I got all the HD directtv channels back again. This lasted a few days and they dropeed off. I've monkeyed around with the dish and cannot seem to lock on to a signal on B and C on the low numbered transponders. I get strong signals on B on many transponders, but not 22, which is the lowest (does this matter?). Sat C I get nothing. Strangely enough, I do receive channel 80 (CBS) and 82 (NBC) in HD though. The rest are gone, no matter how I tinker with the dish. Another note, the phone jack/modem on the receiver is broken and I can't leave it plugged into a phone line - it kills all the phones in my house. Could this be contributing? No HD, living in NW PA and the Superbowl is coming..... HELP !! Do I need a new receiver? Is it he dish?

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