Loss of service during power outages - XFinity

For several months now, my subdivision has been losing all Comcast services during any electric power outage, no matter how brief, even when customer equipment remains powered by UPS, generator, or being outside the blacked-out area (sometimes power is lost only to the one street where Comcast's Alpha Power box and fiber node are located. A fault lamp on the side of that box has been blinking constantly since July).

This is the exact same problem that another customer reported earlier in this forum:


I first noticed this problem in May or June of 2015, soon after having service installed. At that time, someone on dslreports.com suggested I send an email to "We_can_Help @ Cable.Comcast.com", so I did so, got a call back the next day, and after a few calls back and forth to clarify the issue, it was referred to outside plant maintenance in this area, and fixed within about a week. For about a year after that, service did remain up during outages as it should.

Unfortunately, starting late July of 2016, this problem returned, possibly as a result of lightning damage from a bad thunderstorm around the same time. The alarm light on the side of Comcast's power box constantly blinks, and a power cut of just two or three seconds is enough to make everyone's modem in this area lose sync, instantly dropping any connected phone calls (the most annoying aspect), and knocking out TV as well to those who have it.

In early August, I posted about this problem on dslreports.com's private "Comcast Direct" forum that's monitored by Comcast agents, along with my address and account number, etc. and was told at that time that it had been referred to plant maintenance, who were waiting on some part they needed.

That was two months ago, and the problem remains unfixed. I don't know if the original ticket just got lost, or closed in error, or what somehow never opened to begin with. Follow-ups to the Comcast Direct post, asking for the current status of this repair have gone unanswered.

Yesterday I sent a detailed report to the We_Can_Help address again, but got an automated reply back stating that this email address is no longer used, and referring me to forums.xfinity.com.

Could someone please look at this and get it repaired promptly? It's discouraging not to be able to rely on Comcast's service for reliable communications.

There's no need for a tech to visit -- this is definitely an issue with the outside plant. I have no powered amplifier, just a straight RG-6 run from the service entrance. My modem and other equipment are on UPS power, and continue to work fine on battery when only MY street is blacked out, so long as utility power is good at Comcast's Alpha Power box one street over. Every time there's an outage, I can drive down there and see there's no power (utility smartmeter on the Comcast pole has a blank display; streetlights out if at night, etc.)

If you need personal or account information, please let me know how I can submit that privately.