Loss of Signal Intermittent during XG1v4 Playback



I have the problem described by many in the thread entitled

Intermittent Video Issues Affecting Some Customers . I have read every entry, and do not find a clear, consistent answer to the problem. Here is my problem. During playback of pre-recorded programs, some recorded programs play back normally without issue, and some have interrmittent signal loss. During signal loss, the sound continues, but first a black screen appears, and then often a no signal message appears on my TV. If I pause playback, and them resume, the picture often returns. Under worse case situations, the signal loss occurs as frequently as once per minute. Under best case situations, there is no signal loss over 2-3 hours of viewing recorded programs. I have seen explanations on the forum that implicated (a) firmware, (b) cables, (c) local signal strength, (d) resolution switching, (e) the DVR box itself, (f)..... Is anyone able to provide a comprehensive fix to this issue?

"Loss of Signal Intermittent during XG1v4 Playback," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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