Lost all channels below Ch52 on my Roku app - TWC TV and Apps

Up until today, I got all the Spectrum channels, from ch2 on up on my Roku - today, I wanted to watch Channel 2, and can't find it - no channels listed below 52. Tried searching for the network (CBS) and got nothing. Thank you.

This question is about "Lost all channels below Ch52 on my Roku app", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.


Same here. This is ridiculous. What is the point of advertising a service but not offering it? They will not offer a credit or discount for anything related to their app problems or Roku missing Channels because they say it is "free". Well if that's the case they shouldn't advertise it as an incentive for people to subscribe. Some people choose them over other cable companies solely because of the Roku so it is in effect, not free.
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