Lost channels after switching over TV and converter box


So I recently switched from the following setup:
Sylvania 6420FE
Magnavox SD converter (no composite input)
Co-axial cables

Westinghouse LVM-37w1 LCD (no coaxial input)
Analog DTV Converter Box DTX9980
Composite cables

On the Sylvania, I had about 6 channels in color and no static/flickering out. Now on the Westinghouse, I get about 10-12 channels, but all in black and white and they flicker out/get staticky every 10 sec to a minute. The antenna is the same, so I don't think that's the issue (though the coax cable pin to converter is bent). The Westinghouse does play color as I've done it via HDMI from my computer.

Anybody have any idea how to improve my TV quality/flickeriness and get back black and white color? I'm not sure which component is messed up, or if there any better recs for cheap converter boxes?

Thank you so much for your help!


With digital signal;s there should be no static and colors should be vibrant, so the problem is in the analog part of the system.

Reseat the composite cables or try another set of composite cables.

Make sure you are using the inputs right next to the s-video input, the yellow for video and the red/white for audio.

Save up your money and for about $150 you can get an HDTV with a built-in tuner at Wal-Mart.

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I am not familiar with your model Westinghouse but is it possible the TV is currently setup to display only black and white images? Many years ago (analog days) I had more than one customer who lost their color because someone (usually a child) had monkeyed with the settings.

Assuming each input has independently controlled settings, this might explain the monochrome picture you are experiencing via the tuner and color when you use HDMI.

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Does your Magnavox converter not have any other SD output than composite? Composite and component are often easily confused, and composite is a poor choice for signal transmission in most circumstances.

Also, with the relatively low cost of LED HD televisions I wonder why you're continuing with SD picture? A 32" flat screen TV can be found for as little as $120 at an electronics store like Microcenter or Fry's Electronics. Less than that if you're willing to buy refurbished/open box. If mean, if you already had the big-screen SD TV or it was available to you for free, sure keep it; but otherwise why not upgrade?
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