Question: lost channels



Lost my last question, so here it is in essence.
Can a change in Amp dB affect reception for
a group of apartment under one antenna?
What effect does too low or way over dB setting cause?

Not getting most channels now that I have for 8 years.
Nothing else I can see has changed??

Fringe Reception

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Yes, a downward change in amplification can drop the signal levels so low that TV tuners cannot detect them: this includes an amplifier that has failed or a failed or disconnected power supply feeding the amplifier.

An upward change in amplification could provide signals that are too strong to TV tuners to decode.

A sudden change in reception of several channels indicates something has changed somewhere in 'your' system. If its not the amplifier, it could be caused by rain water entry into the balun on the antenna or into the coaxial cable.



Thanks Jim, I'm not sure what the amp setting was before it it now reads 32dB feeding 200 apartments via coax connections to each apt.
But all 200 are now receiving 50% loss, however I must say that at random times most channels, but not all, return for a short period..For the
life of me I cannot see what could be going on. Unless someone turned down the setting. Does anyone have any idea what a normal
setting would be for that many apts.??