Lost DTV WIFI connection? - DirecTV

My DTV system randomly looses connection with my WIFI modum and will not reconnect automatically. Per DTV I have insufficent bandwidth, (6Gig), however I am able to stream on demand and restart shows from the beginining. Only occasionally does my system time out when restarting a show. When this happens I loose my WIFI connection, and I must manually reconnect by selecting my SSID and entering my password. It is like the DTV "system" forgets my system name? Other times I loose the connection when I am not even streaming. There was no mention of WIFI Bandwith requirements when purchasing or installing my DTV system! This is not a signal strength issue at my receiver.
This is merely agrivating when I am at home, but when I am away and want to stream a DTV program or recording, I am unable if the system has disconnected and will not reconnect. It does not appear to be possible to reconnect to my WIFI remote from my home? My WIFI system does not appear to have any problems working with other application in my home.

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