Lost local channel-nbc - DirecTV

I pay for a service that I expect to receive. If I don't pay you you would gladly turn off my service in a second but you are not supplying a channel I signed up for and pay for. I should be getting a refund for the days channels are out or if it doesn't come back on reduce my bill!!!! I've had it with DirecTV, bill keeps going up, even after I reduced my package. When is this going to be resolved???

This question, "Lost local channel-nbc," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Lost Local News 8 out of Idaho Falls.

We lost our Local Channel 8 (ABC) just two days ago and I rely on it for news. We do not have an ability in this valley to use antennas. I signed up with Directv years ago because the offered local channels, and I rely on the news and weather. What is this. Who do I write?

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