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Has anyone else ever lost just one local channel? The Tech Support Department at DirecTV is stumped. Below is a complete description of the history behind this problem:

For the past six years, we have had DirecTV at both our permanent and our vacation home. In order to get local channels at both locations, we must call DirecTV support and change our service location to the address where we are watching. As we go back and forth often during the spring and summer months, we go through this process approximately 20 times a year. This used to be a simple process--taking about 5 minutes once we reached an agent. For the past year, it has become quite an ordeal, sometimes requiring that I be on the phone with DirecTV for over an hour. Last night was the worst ever--spent over two hours on the phone with multiple DirecTV staff. Ultimately, they did get their system to take the change to our permanent address, but one local channel is missing and showing an error 721. Both the tech support agent and I have refreshed the receiver multiple times. We have reset the receiver both by pushing the reset button and by unplugging the power cord multiple times. The agent had me redo the satellite setup. He also tried changing back to our vacation address (where we got all the local stations) and then reentering our permanent address with the same result of missing our local FOX station. He said that he also had two managers trying to resolve my issue and they were unable to fix the problem either. Ultimately, he said they were escalating my issue and sending it to Engineering and we terminated the call. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please post your solution. Thanks.

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