Lost PIP with June 12th conversion


After the June 12th conversion, I found it necessary to install a cnverter box provided by Comcast (my cable provider). Prior I was using a two way splitter to access my PIP. I have lost my PIP viewing and wonder if I can regain it using a 2 way splitter and what is the sequential hook-up? Or any solution for viewing PIP.
Hitachi Projection TV 53SBX01B-Sansui VRDVD4001AC-
Digital Converter Box (No Comcast Cable Box)


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Hello Mario - here are the steps.

1. Coax from wall to 2-way splitter
2. A/v Output of splitter with coax to your set-top digital box
2.(a) Out of digital box with RCA cables (Yellow - video / Red - RightAudio / White - LeftAudio) into the TV
3. The other A/V output of splitter to your DTA adapter. Out of your DTA adapter into your TV's coax RF input.

Note about step 3: If your TV is digital capable you may not need the DTA adapter. If you have anymore questions and/or if this does not help. Please feel free to email me at we_can_help@cable.comcast.com.