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Have had air tv for awhile. Live 30 miles south of Memphis,TN. Have always had trouble now and then rec. one or two channels. Today some channels are scrambled or off and on. Using a radio shack sig. amp. 15-259. By-passed ant. with no help. Thinking maybe antenna?


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Which stations were giving you trouble before, and which are giving you trouble now?

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Lost Reception

Yes, think antenna system. The reason I say that is the antenna is just part of the antenna system. The other big piece of the equation is the feedline. I have no idea how much you use. It could be a few feet or a hundred feet. In any case I would encourage you to use only RG-6 or better feedline at each and every point in your antenna system. Think about it. You can have a great antenna in a great location. You can even have low loss feedline from the antenna to say a splitter, but if you have a short run of lossy cable going to the tuner then you may have problems. You may also find that ATSC (digital) is much less forgiving than NTSC (analog) for a good picture.
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