Loud high pitched noise coming from converter box?


Bought an Apex converter box about 6 months ago and it's worked pretty well up until about a week or two ago. If the box is not in use, it'll automatically power down in which I'm assuming is power saver mode. I don't mind this option so much, except in the powered down mode, it makes a loud high pitched humming noise coming from the converter box unit itself.

What is this noise?!? What can I do to fix it??
Could be the power supply. i'd be taking that one back to the store. mine goes into power save every four hours but it shouldn't make a noise like that. that usually means the transformer in the power supply is arcing and it will fail soon. it's also a fire hazard. there's a rumor that most Apex branded boxes are bad. i don't have any way to say since mine works fine but if it's making noises i'd be taking it back. DTV isn't worth your home burning down.