"Louie" back on FX in May


FX announced today that season four of "Louie" will air beginning May 5, with two episodes showing every Monday night for seven weeks. I love that the show is coming back, and would gladly watch as many episodes as they put in front of me on any given night, but I'm worried that airing them two at a time will limit the ability to savor each one. I don't know why they'd want to rush through a new season like that when there's already been a 19-month hiatus. It's kind of the opposite of what AMC has done in drawing out the final seasons of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
Too true, and both methods are highly frustrating. It seems particularly odd when '1 a week for however long the series runs' is such a happy medium and the alternatives so extreme and annoying. Each episode is immaculately crafted and unique, so putting them back-to-back is a bizarre choice, and I expect more of FX, one of the best networks around in my opinion. I suppose part of it is an attempt to get the binge viewer back in the habit of watching network TV each week but I don't think Louie is a particularly bingeable (only a word for the purposes of this forum) series.