Lousy customer service - DirecTV

On 12/29/16 I had an on line chat with a Direct TV rep. to simply return a mini genie and remote that was not being used in our guest room. I was reducing finances due to my husband passing away. The rep. assured me a Recovery Kit would be mailed to me within 7 to 10 business days for me to box up and return the said equipment. On 12/30/16, I rec'd an email "thanking" me for changing my package with Direct TV for the next 12 months and if I cancelled I would be charged over a $300 early cancellation fee!! Needless to say, I flipped out since I called to reduce finances not incur them!! I called customer service (instead of another on line chat) and was told my account notes reflected I changed my package. I was talked to like I was a liar. The rep's attitude changed when I told him I had proof of the discussion since I printed out my transcript! After 30 minutes on the phone with yet another rep. my account was changed back to the way it was. I was assured again on 12/30 the said recovery kit was still in the process of being mailed to me. Again, not having received it by 1/16/17, I had yet another on line chat and assured by another rep. that she would take care of me and assured me the kit would be rec'd within 5 to 7 business days this time because she would follow through on it. Nope! Didn't receive the kit and spoke with the retention department this morning, 1/26/17. Today, I was told that gosh no, I wouldn't be sent a recovery kit because I had old equipment and the notes reflected I was told to recycle it at a local recycling center. What?! I asked if an email could be sent to me confirming this and was told I "may" or "may not" get an email. My response to that was that I sure got an email when my packaged was fraudulently changed! Totally unacceptable and I will be selling my home soon and will NOT renew my service with Direct TV! Needless to say, now I'm left wondering what happens when I take this equipment to a recycling center and then down the road charged for it?! I've lost all faith with Direct TV and when my home sells WILL NOT be transferring my service. Thanks Direct TV to adding stress to my already full plate of losing my husband unexpectantly!!!

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