Loving a losing team

While it sometimes can be painful to watch our favorite teams having a terrible game, and ESPECIALLY a terrible season, but we try our best to remain fans, and then hope that the next season will go better. How hard is it for you to keep loving your team when they do awful?


Wel being a fan for the Bucs, Rays and Lightning over the years I sure know what it's like rooting for a losing team. But when they do do something good it is so much sweeter than fans who like "winners" all the time.

Seriously does a TRUE Yankee fan exist? If you are kid how hard is it not to choose the team that's won the most to be a fan of? You see all these Patriot fans. Where were these fans before 2001?
As a life long Phillies fan, I am very well acquainted with losing seasons, yet I did my best to stick by team through it all. While the Phillies are certainly a lot more successful of a team the past few years, I feel it's an overdue reward for year upon year of losing Baseball.

Yankees fans never had to endure the kind of hardships and dedication that it took to support a losing team, and the sad fact is that the vast majority of Yankees fans ARE bandwagoners who just pick them as a team because they are Baseballs most successful franchise, and they seem to think it's "Cool" to be a Yankees fan, not out of any genuine love for their team or even Baseball in general. Even most sports writers seem to be heavily biased towards the Yankees. Did you know that the Yankees won ESPN's team of the decade, even though both the Red Sox and even the Phillies were more deserving of winning it?

I won't deny that the 90's were the Yankees decade, but the '00's were very much Red Sox overall.