Low ratings might "terminate" Sarah Connor Chronicles


If the article I read yesterday in next week's TV Guide, The Sarah Connor Chronicles might have to start thinking of an exit strategy in case Fox "terminates" the series because of low ratings.

Even though it's very well-done and has a great cast, the mid-season replacement series for the strike-postpioned "24" has not found more than a niche audience, with each Monday night seeing fewer viewers and the show never breaking out of fourth place during its prime time slot (8-9 PM Eastern).

Hopefully the series will be allowed to have its full season's worth of episodes on the air, but I seriously doubt it.


This niche audience is the way of the future but no network sees it yet. They are going to have to realize that they cannot be everything to everybody. This is a great show that I watch every week because its good entertainment. It makes me think, it makes me dream. That crap on the other networks is what I am NOT watching. And if FOX teminates this show then I will not be watching ANYTHING at that time slot. I never watched 24 because I am not interested in cop shows.

Fox did the same thing with Firefly, one of the most amazing sci-fi shows ever to come on. And fans are still cursing their name. Fox you have to realize there are some people out there who want something intelligent to watch. And your providing it here. Get over wanting to be in first place syndrome.


Interestingly, your post echoes the same feelings of Star Trek fans when NBC announced that low ratings for The Original Series might result in its cancellation at the end of the 1966-67 season. I'm sure you're familiar with what happened next - there was a huge letter-writing campaign to the network, and the executives relented and renewed the series even though it still had less than great ratings.

Having done that, however, the network never did support Star Trek much; indeed, it placed the series in a really bad time slot (Friday nights at 10 PM), which pretty much ensured it would have dismal ratings. Also, Gene Roddenberry quit as executive producer and the guy who replaced him, Fred Freiberg (or Freiberger) approved some of the show's weakest episodes. Quality-wise and ratings-wise, the series took a huge nosedive and Star Trek was cancelled by the summer of 1969.

Fox seems to NOT support Sci Fi shows very well. Its only big hit in the genre was X-Files, and that was not really traditional Sci Fi. Firefly was, and so was Space: Above and Beyond. T-TSCC might be one of the best series ever made, but if viewers don't watch it, it'll be be gone by mid-season.