LPTV and translator battle between 2 counties....


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What a convoluted mess and a half! :doh: This is a very interesting post and it will be interesting to follow the legal battle. Please keep us updated.

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Remember the good old days of SNL? seriously, people would leave the bars on saturdays just to see it. One of my favorites had Belushi as Captain Ned of "The Raging Queen" - a manly ship, full of manly men, doing manly things, with other men, in a manly sort of fashion.

"The wretched birth, miserable childhood, agonizingly painful adolescence, and appallingly vile and degrading death of Miles Cowperthwaite.
Chapter Two: 'I Am Nailed To The Hull'.

Even just reading the transcript is hilarious...
SNL Transcripts: Michael Palin: 05/12/79: The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite
I can't find that skit on dvd or online. It might be "politically incorrect" or something. I can find "best of" and edited shows, but not full episodes.

Too bad, the show gone so far downhill. but I would still like to have the choice to watch it! I know I can watch it on HULU the next day, but I want it live. And I want to record it. But, according to "some people" I am the ruination of all things free and good on the internet if I do download it. But it would be perfectly fine if I was to record the live broadcast. Huh?

Oh, yea, except I can't watch it on my TV, the Church Police have decided for me.
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I am trying to find out more, I only found this looking for someone to contact to see if the CW and ION would be on a translator sometime soon. License for CW has been granted, but no clue when or if it will be on air. I don't care what county broadcasts it, as long as SOMEONE does!


Here's the latest on an ongoing battle between 2 counties on the idaho / utah border where I live:

Idaho TV Translators vs. Utah Low Power TV battle in Logan, Utah Continues to Grow. :Rubin Rodriguez Jr.

The upshot of all this for me is I get some channels 3x (abc, cbs, pbs (actually 4x!), fox) and others not at all (CW, ION)

And through this all I still can't watch Saturday Night Live, as the Mormon owned Utah NBC affiliate has deemed it EVIL: and doesn't carry it.
The more recent SNL episodes are on Hulu.com