Luv This Show!


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It Is On Fox Again, Another Season. I Love This Show Ever Since It Came Out. Season One They Were In Jail, Then They Break Out. Just Like In The Commercials Breaking Out Was ONLY The First Step. Then They Got Into Another Prison With No Guards, That Was A Good Intense Season. Now They Will Get Back At The People The That Made Them Go To Prison In The First Place. (They Were Framed) Who Else Likes This Show, This Is One Of My Favorite On Fox. I Wish It Was On Every Day :) Its Really Good, If You Havent Seen It Yet, I Recommend It To Anyone!



Oh yeah. I love this show too. New season starts Monday September 1st. I've been watching all the reruns, which haven't been that many. I guess they're just trying to drum up some excitement before the new season. Linc and Michael make the cutest brothers, don't they?


Count me in, I really do enjoy watching Prison Break since season one. Big thanks to the writers, producers, directors, and to the actors themselves specially to Wentworth Millerfor giving a superb Michael Scofield. They deserve to be praised on their works.:)


Prison Break is an amazing show. I have even seen some reruns of a couple of episodes. The cast is fabulous. The story, of course, is the real best thing though!


For all you fans that have been watching the show, does anyone know what the mysterious illness is that Michael has? You know how he keeps getting nose bleeds. Lincoln kind of made a reference to a condition Michael had when he was younger, but I don't recall it ever being in the show. Does anyone have information?

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