Lyngsat list of streaming channels.


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File this under "Things I found while looking for other things."

I was looking for FTA satellite info and went to LyngSat . I've been there before, it's a site dedicated to Ku and C-band satellite TV and radio, and they maintain a list of satellite channels.

I went to the list of free US channels Free TV from United States - LyngSat and noticed a lot of channels labeled "lyngsat stream" instead of listing the satellite information. Clicking the link, Lo and Behold, I was taken to a streaming channel!

I tracked back to the page where you can find just streaming channels. Here's a link to the Lyngsat streaming lists:
LyngSat Stream
You can follow the links to navigate to the region of the world you are interested in.

Within the USA list, there are 120 channels from TubTub, so I'll post a direct link to that here:
If you love retro TV, this in itself is it's own goldmine.
Clicking on a channel is pretty much a crap shoot. It's "live" streaming, there is no schedule, and there's some short commercials - mostly PSAs that I actually enjoyed watching.

If you love old classic TV and movies, this is going to occupy your whole day.

Hey I gotta go, Gumby is on!

(Note: I believe TubTub uses Silverlight, so Linux users need not apply)
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