'Mad Men' recap for June 9th episode: 'Favors'

The ominous undertones plaguing Mad Men this season are going strong as, after finding a rat in her already undesirable apartment, Peggy scurries out the building. It’s just a prelude for a particularly disconcerting episode among the highlights of Season Six.

View attachment 2421 At the office, Pete is visited by his mother and her nurse Manolo (referred by Bob Benson). The senile Mrs. Campbell then bends Peggy’s ear for a moment, mistaking her for Pete’s estranged wife Trudy. It’s a casual conversation until Mrs. Campbell asks about the child. She meant Tammy; Peggy blanched at the thought of her child with Pete that had been given up for adoption.

Over on 73rd and Park, Don finds Megan chatting with Mitchell Rosen, Sylvia and Arnold’s son, who dropped out of college and mailed his draft card back. His reward? Getting upped to 1A status. Smooth, Mitch.

The balance of the episode revolves around Don’s efforts to find an escape for Mitchell, including Don’s raising the topic at the Chevy client dinner—much to Chaough’s chagrin.

Back at the office, Ted calls for a truce with Don, squashing the whole “Team Ted vs. Team Don” battle that’s been waging since the merger. With a handshake, the issue is resolved (though surely only temporarily). Ted then offers a Mitchell solution of his own; he has a connection in the Air Guard who might be able to get the kid a cushy pilot gig.

When Don calls Arnold to tell him the promising news, he gets Sylvia instead, and their apology-filled trip down Memory Lane is clearly leading to… (More on that later.)

Back at SCDP-CGC, Pete confronts Bob about Manolo, who may or may not be providing Pete’s mother with more than just nursing care. Bob responds by explaining how people that work closely together may find themselves attracted to each other. Wink. And with a knee-on-knee rub of young Pete, we learn that Bob is gay. (But wait, IS Bob gay? Apparently hanging with Joan in recent weeks was purely platonic. We still don’t know what Bob really does besides show up with resolutions to people’s problems and a cup of coffee.)

Flash back to the Upper East Side, where Sally accidentally walks in on Don and Sylvia in the Rosen bedroom. Sally runs, and Don gives staggering chase. At family dinner that night Sally finally loses it and runs out of the room. And though Don quietly tries to explain that he was just “comforting” Sylvia, Sally’s not buying it. The episode ends music-free, as Don walks to his bedroom and quietly clicks the door closed behind him.

That sense of impending doom you feel? That would be life in the Draper household, and with only two episodes left, who knows what Mad Men has in store.