Made a coax loop antenna...

Okay, the coat hanger antenna did not work too well. The latest was by far the easiest. I took a 10' length of coax, stripped the last 1.5" to the center conductor, measured out, roughly 2m, slit the outer casing and wrapped the exposed conductor around the shielding. Hooked it to the converter, attached the "loop" to the door of the tv cabinet, to provide directionality and WTEN, NY comes in great. I have no background in antennas so I am thinking of making a much larger version and mounting outside. Could I bend it around the corner of the house for directionality? Mind you I live in a cabin in the woods with a mountain between me and the Broadcast towers in Albany, NY. Thanks in advance.

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That TV fool doesn't look too good. But if you're getting WTEN with a simple loop, there's hope.

I'll get back to you (at work now) and I'm sure my fellow "antenna Nuts" will chime in here soon.

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:welcome: scottjhass,

As Mr Pogi said, your TVFOOL report doesn't look very promising. What height above ground did you select for the report? If you install an outdoor antenna, how high can you realistically raise it above ground and using that height, does your TVFOOL report improve?

How did you determine the length of coax you used to create your loop antenna and what channel is it "cut" to receive? How are you feeding it and if you are using a balun, what impedence ratio is it? Two summers back, I built and tested a loop antenna and although it was quite directional, it had very low gain.

If I was trying to capture HDTV signals based on your TVFOOL results above, I would buy or build an extreme fringe reception antenna such as a Winegard HD-9095 or a 16-bay Grey Hoverman. Both of those antennas can be seen in my photo albums here on this Forum.

I cut the loop to roughly 2m because I had heard/read that several of the OTAs were in that range. I fed it directly into an RCA 10dB amplifier which feeds into the converter. I set the TVfool height at ground level as I am somewhat restricted by trees and branches. It's VERY woodsy here. Picked up TBY and RNN this morning. Am interested in the larger loop, though. Got lots of coax...

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