magnavox tb11omw9a...


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I bought this in October,it was working fine till December.Then I started loosing stations and I cant get them back in any way. All I have left is CBS 11 and ABC 8. My Zenith that is in the bedroom is only 5 yards away and is working fine on an older TV.Both are using the same antennas. Does anyone else have this converter box with this problem or know how to fix it? :confused:

Jason Fritz

Staff member
So you only receive 2 stations now with the magnavox? The Zenith converter box in your bedroom receives all of the DTV channels just fine with the same antenna?


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yes that is correct.I saw a post on another forum when I googled the Magnavox model about a consumer that was having the same problem with this product. There was no reply to his answer so I'm trying here again.I'm clueless as to what the problem is. Channel 11 comes in great but I cant get it to re pick up the lost stations.