Mail Wreckage - Vanished Sent-Contact folders - XFinity

I've been forced to use the CC I-net monopoly for decades. But I always found a way to avoid using CC mail client. It would sit unused for years accumulating CC SPAM and dreck. A week ago I started using CC mail on a DT as an experiment and the possibility of continued use. In the last two days it has transmogrified into a phone "aap". The Sent and Contact folders vanished. I have already found a substitute mail client and have abandoned CC mail leaving whatever lost mail remnants may still exist in the lost folders. But I remain stunned in wonder at the incompetence and incredible bungling exhibited in a process that has been perfected over thirty years, world wide in common use. This is a frequent anomaly, whereby a perfectly usable desktop program is subjected to mindless wrecking in favor of the finger-phone syndrome. Almost as if desktop PC mail clients were some kind of ancient relic not worthy of careful planning and rational UI structures. You people amaze me.

Don't bother to reply to this as I won't be viewing this forum again. Also interesting; none of the feedback links in the mail client are functional. I can image why.

Dear Comcast Coders- Laff or Weep? Degwee in Cumpooter Syunce? Reconfigure your careers - childrens books? road maintenance?