Main genie main box problem - DirecTV

When I press the on button on my genie remote for the main box about every 5th or 10th day the tv turns on and the main box turns on but the tv display shows only the correct input for the direct tv. The genie box will not react to any remote commands or when I press any box command buttons. It seems like the box will not react to any commands and is frozen. I then hit the reset button on the main box and the box goes through it's rebooting and then all is all right again.I have talked to dttv about the problem. They sent me a new hdmi cable this did not help. Two technicians have come out they could not get the system to fail so the last tech said remove the hdmi cable and install the composit audio and vidio cables if the problem occures again. This did not help. The genie main box has been replaced 3 times and this also made no defferance. I am sure the problem is in the main box because the other genie mini's also wont work when the main box won't work. Then when I reset the main box the mini's start working again. Any ideas. Tired of loosing all my recorded shows and moivies.

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