Major Issue With Setting up Roamio Pro - XFinity

I bought a roamio Pro from Tivo , i got the box, got a a card from the xfinity store and called the activation line. Supposed to be easy. Nope! Spent 5 hrs with the activation level 2 tech to no avail. Resulted in her sending out a tech. Through the grace of God i got a guy who knew his stuff. He rewired everything. Even isntalled my new cable modem which required me switching out of a grandfathered package. Still could not get it working. He came back the next day, we conferenced with tivo, cable card activation line and tech. After alot of finger pointing, tivo said send the box back. They send me a refurb a week later. 6 cable cards later, i sent the tivo box back and they are replacing it again and comcast is shipping me fresh cards as they said it would be best to work with a card that had never been used. So 2 weeks and no resolution. The first week we had a con: yes and Val: ?, then Con: no and val ? second week we had con and val say Y but i was seeing mostly pixelated images with other channels showing V52. They told me to rerun setup. After that all channels vent to V52. So now they are sending me a third tivo roamio pro and comcast is sending me 2 fresh cable cards. They say all the billing codes are correct.

I want this resolved!

This question, "Major Issue With Setting up Roamio Pro," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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