Major OTA failure in Boston


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There are not a lot of specifics being released by any of the stations involved, but WBZ (Ch 4/CBS), WSBK (Ch 38/ind), and WGBX ( Ch 44/PBS) are all off the air completely since Saturday afternoon (10/22). In addition WCVB (Ch5/ABC) is on the air but with very reduced power that doesn't reach very far. None of the stations are talking specifics. WGBX has this on their webpage WBZ has this
The outage is now approaching 48 hours. An OTA viewer in this area has to be concerned that if a large expenditure is needed to remedy the problem that the corporate owners will basically not bother to get the original coverage area back, especially if they are looking at the repack of the UHF transmission band causing another huge expense in another year or so.


What a shame!!! This will just force everyone to subscribe to expensive cable at a rip off price. Why do you think people use ota tv.

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The CBS web address is working again and here is their update:

10/24 10:50am: After the storm on Friday evening, a problem at a shared transmission site knocked out the signal for some WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV viewers from Saturday at 4:20pm until present.

As of this morning, tower crews found sections of a damaged transmission line at the top of the tower (at approximately 1,200 feet).

Engineers are on-site inspecting the antenna for any additional damage, and repairs are being made to the transmission line.

WBZ-TV/WSBK-TV are continuing to work with tower crews and engineers in restoring over-the-air broadcasting as quickly as possible.

We will update you as more information becomes available.


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T a problem at a shared transmission site knocked out the signal
One thing I realized living in an area with a single location for all transmitters - While it's really nice to aim ONE antenna at a single location and get everything, the drawback is this: If you lose power at that location, you lose pretty much everything. Where I am now, most channels are evenly split between 2 locations about 30 degrees apart. I can still use a single antenna for both!


WGBH and WGBX are faint/nonexistent signal since problem occurred. Only other article I can find is this:
"WCVB Operating at Reduced Power Due to Antenna System Issue - Updated | NewEngland1"

'WCVB is not the only station having issues.
WBZ and WSBK are also located on the same tower at 350 Cedar Street in Needham, Massachusetts. Both stations are currently off-the-air completely.
Also affected is WGBH sister-station WGBX 44 - Channel 44 is also currently off-the-air.'