Man falls from WLWT tv tower


Does this count as Antenna Discussion?

On Sunday May 1st. some unfortunate soul took the nestea plunge from 900 feet up the Cincinnati tv tower. Somehow someway he ended up not hitting the ground as a whole person but in pieces.

Reminds me of that old Patsy Cline song "I Fall To Pieces," in fact Patsy herself fell to pieces in an airplane accident so I guess the guy's in good company.

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Gruesome, Tim. I guess that's the world these days, though, but frankly, it's not a humor I appreciate ... but that's just me, and I admit to being traditional.


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Well... I agree with Orry,
morbid, but not a topic I think need be placed in the other section,
which is why I've moved it.

Not mad or disappointed that you posted it Tim,
just think it doesn't need to be out where it was.

Have a good Day :)


Ok, Think about my job for a minute. When climbers are on our tower, I have to be there to call 911 if something happens, and to turn the transmitter down or off if they get to close to the antenna. I get more nervous than they do.

In defense of Tim, This is a simple reality that it took me a while to get used to. I still get nervous when climbers are on our 1000 foot tower. Men climb, men fall, it part of the job. Don't really know if this was work related, bit if not, the tower never should have been accessible to the public in the first place, and the station may be partially at fault for not protecting the access point to the site from the public.

The man either had a death wish, or was to stupid, or to macho to care about the risks, or intentionally committed suicide. The news story on the TV station that owns the tower was no worse than Tim's description. Sheeple bury their head in the sand because they don't want to hear the truth, but that doesn't change the truth at all, and sometimes not knowing the truth can hurt more than knowing it.
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Just to be clear, it's not the story that, well, irked me, but the Patsy Cline joke just wasn't appropriate. No life should be mocked like that. It's just not funny to me. Tim doesn't need defending. He's been around a long long time and I have no issues with him at all. It's just I thought his commentary was inappropriate.


Hope it's not too much of a faux pas to post a year after... but I was a UC student in the early '80s, and friends and I scaled the same tower several times. Thrill and youthful delusions of immortality. In the day, you had to get over a 12 foot barbed wire fence to get into the site. So the station probably has plausible deniability of liability. (not that it was that tough to get in with a little ingenuity and physical condition we were in back then.) "Urban Exploration" or "Recreational Breaking and Entering" are popular hobbies, esp on college campuses. And the WLWT tower was not an uncommon target.

It's free-standing (not a guy-wired mast) with a tapering triangular shape. So if you fall... you're probably gonna hit a lot of stuff on the way down, thus the horrific description of the death. 900+ feet and about 45 minutes up and an hour down (by ladder.) F=ma @ 1G and 300m. Some people have said the news articles are too graphic, but if it discourages someone else from the stunt, then there's certainly some redeeming quality. Glad we survived. RIP.