Manual Channel Selection

Has anyone figured out how to add a channel to the channel list manually? Recently channel 39 disappeared from the list of channels which had been acquired automatically. Since using the automatic scan involves considerable effort removing extraneous channels in this area (Houston), I tried to put it back in using the manual scan feature. According to the signal strength meter, there was no signal for channel 39. However I could receive 39, both the analog and digital programs, very well on a digital TV connected to the Zinwell RF output (set for analog pass-thru). Another Zinwell, ZAT 950, never lost the channel 39 setting and could still display the signal.

It is possible that channel 39 is actually broadcasting on a different frequency at this time. I did notice that 38 seemed to have good signal strength; however I couldn't figure out which button to push to add it to the channel list. What is the exact procedure to add a channel manually?


According to 38 is the actual frequency assignment for channel 39. How to add it I couldn't tell you since I don't have the zinwell converter box. Sorry.

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