March Madness HDTV Deals

One of the best times of year to buy a new TV is during March Madness. March brings a perfect storm of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as well as the need for companies who stock HDTVs needing to clear out inventory left over from Christmas and the Super Bowl before the next TV models are released. Whether or not you are a sports fan, March is definitely a good time to seek out a great deal on an HDTV! The following is just a sample of some of the deep discounts available for consumers to take advantage of this March for a new HDTV!

March Madness HDTV Sales

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A little known secret for consumers is that actually provides special deals and discounts for HDTVs that beat their brick-n-mortar store prices! Add in the deep discounts from March Madness, and shopping online at WalMart may be the best choice for you if looking to buy a new TV. The following are some of the best deals available from WalMart this March:

Sceptre 32” LED HDTV

This wall-mountable, 32” HDTV is available at a 40% discount this March from WalMart. For just $179.00, you can get this TV with free shipping thrown in by the company. The TV features a USB board (Chromecast anyone?), and 3 x HDMI ports to support all peripherals that you may want to connect to the TV. The TV viewing quality is rated at 720p, HD and typically arrives in a few business days depending on your location.


This high-quality, LED HDTV from LG is available from WalMart online for just $599.00 at the time of this writing. The TV provides three x HDMI ports to support all the set-top boxes you might need to connect to the device and is wall mountable. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution for your viewing enjoyment.

Vizio 70” LED 120 HZ HDTV

WalMart just doesn’t carry low-endHDTVs for consumers to enjoy as enjoy as evidenced by the Vizio 70” LED Smart TV. This smart HDTV features Vizio Internet Apps, built-in WiFi, and a smart remote with a full QWERTY keyboard. This high-end, very large HDTV also features a 1 million to 1 dynamic contrast ration, 1080p Full HD, and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Also included are four x HDMI ports, a USB port, and an eye to energy conservation with the model being rated as being more “energy aware” than classic LCD TVs!

Amazon March Madness Discounts

Samsung 22” LED HDTV

Just in time for March Madness, Amazon has the Samsung 22” LED HDTV on sale for $167.73 for Prime members. Rated at 1080p HD quality, this small, thin LED TV only weighs 6.4 lbs and includes 2 x HDMI ports.

Vizio 42” LED Smart TV

The 42” Vizio Smart TV features six x LED zones that adjust the television screen by zone to help create a higher contrast and deeper viewing experience at a 120 Hz refresh rate. The TV includes Vizio Internet Apps Plus which lets consumers enjoy TV shows, music, premium apps, and movies without having to buy a separate streaming set-top box for their TV. This HDTV is priced at $448 USD at the time of this writing.

Sony 55” 4K LED 3D TV

For those who want to jump on the 4K HDTV bandwagon, Dell is now offering this high-end Sony HDTV for a deep $1,000 discount off of the original $3,999 price point. The Sony TV also features 24p True Cinema technology, Internet capability, a 16:9 aspect ratio, MPEG noise reduction, and four x HDMI ports.
I was just in Walmart today and noticed all of the televisions they had on sale. It looked like they were preparing for Black Friday with all of the TV's on the floor. Now that I'm seeing this post I understand why. Although I have enough TV's in my house I actually entertained the idea of purchasing another one.


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Every year about this time Walmart has a good stack of TV sets on clearance - I saw a 60" LED NIB for under $1000.