Marie Osmond's talk show canceled by Hallmark Channel


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Marie Osmond's talk show is shifting gears. Marie, the talker that began on The Hallmark Channel a year ago as the much ballyhooed replacement of Martha Stewart's program, has been cancelled by the cable channel according to Variety. About the same time that news came out, reported that the company behind the talk show wanted to take it to syndication. In fact, that story purports that Associated Television International had planned all along to bail on Hallmark to extend the audience to a broader syndication audience. Thus, exactly what happened first, the cancellation or the bailout, is hard to deduce for certain.

View attachment 2485 Osmond's show is currently airing new episodes and will finish out its first year run. The plan then is for a second season to air in syndication sometime in 2014.

As for the Hallmark Channel, it has decided to leave the talk show format altogether and add programs that are more lifestyle in orientation. In a statement printed in Variety, the channel explained, “We determined that the best direction for this daypart is to offer quintessential lifestyle service shows that inform and entertain our viewers with how to, tips and ideas for living their best lives. We also find these types of shows best serve today’s demand for digital video.”

Osmond, the solo female of the well known singing enterprise known as The Osmond Family, recently co-hosted The Talk where she announced that she is about to be a grandmother for the first time, thanks to her son and daughter-in-law. Osmond is 53.

Today on Twitter, she also announced that she will be on Wednesday's edition of "Good Day LA" promoting the Children's Miracle Network that she founded many years ago.

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