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I built a loop-dipole antenna that was recommended on here several years ago by dkreichen1968. Thank you Dan for your recommendation as the antenna has served me well. The pole I have the antenna on is from three 10' fence posts I bought from Lowes. The antenna is about 12-18" in the ground and secured to the fascia of my house with the height of the antenna about 25-28'. Since I installed it trees have grown and I would like it about 10' higher. I need something more sturdy than the current fence posts I am using because I live in Florida and it gets very windy at times and I had to replace part of the pole because it bent. What do you recommend to replace my current mast with? I would like it to be about 35-40' high. Thank you. Rob

A 50' (actually 44') telescopic antenna mast would be perfect for your situation. Be sure to install guy wires at the top and center of the fully extended mast. Search the Internet for the best price and shipping rates to you.

50 ft Telescopic Antenna Mast Push-Up Pole EZ TM-50

A telescopic mast would work great - but they are kind of pricey these days. An inexpensive mast material that would work is sections of
top rail for chain link fencing. The sections are pretty sturdy, and have one end swaged for adding sections end-to-end. If you go that route
I would use guy wires, attached by way of a Guy Ring.


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@ David,

I have used and recommend one or two sections of galvanized chain-link fence top railing as antenna masts too, but lifting a 50' long assembled length from its base, from horizontal on the ground to vertical - even without an antenna on top - would be impossible. I suppose it could be lifted upright using a tall crane with a man-lift bucket.


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@ Rob,

A few years ago I called around locally and one of the smaller Hardware Stores (Ace or True Value) at that time had a policy of free shipping to their store. It was the best deal in town by far, so definately shop around.

For those who need a telescopic mast around 34' (or shorter) Copper Electronics has a SPECIAL EDITION variation that uses shorter (thus lighter) tubing sections which makes raising each section easier and reduces freight delivery costs.
From their ad:

"This Special ROHN Factory Limited Edition Run of the H50 (5) section Mast scaled down to Ship at 99 inches via UPS Brown Truck (Ground) to Commercial and Residential addresses ... The Managers will love the Cost Savings of a single Drop Shipment when compared to Truck Freight for the Normal 10 foot versions. ..."

34' Telescoping Push Up Pole | Copper Electronics

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You need stranded steel Guy Wire, which is available at many big-box hardware stores. It is often used as clothes line
and it can be bare or plastic covered. Over time, the wires will stretch, so to you need turnbuckles on every length.
Google the topic and click on some Ham Radio websites where you can see many installations and recommendations.

Here is one source with a few photos: Steel Guy Wire - Antenna Parts Outlet

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