Masterchef Caught Faking Crowd Footage


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Won't they ever learn? Master Chef wizards enhanced the crowd waiting to compete and got caught. A viewer began to see the same faces inserted into the panning crowd sequences. So stupid. The producers have apologized. Uh-huh.

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That reminds me of 'video editing errors' on the big screen in the movie Titanic, where the same passengers are seen walking the same parts of the deck more than one time in the same scene. These are clear reminders that TV Shows and Movie Productions are created from illusions.

On a similar note, I saw an Antiques Roadshow on PBS last summer and they featured the first electro-mechanical audio "Laugh-Track" controller from 1953. It was used to 'insert' applause, rah-rah's, cheers, boos and woof whistles on dozens of different TV show soundtracks. More illusions!


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I hate laugh tracks. I learned while watching The Dick Van Dyke Show DVDs that their show was filmed before a live audience every week and the laughter was so pure and good that other shows asked to buy it and use the laughter (Carl Reiner told the story). I thought that was insane, but I totally buy it.

Editing errors are a hoot. Apollo 13 has a bit after the launch with Kathleen Quinlan that is out of synch. Drives me nuts every time I watch it (and I watch it a lot - love that movie).