'Masterchef Junior' Delights in Full Season and Challenging Finale


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
There was a time during the last regular season of the Fox Network's hit show 'Masterchef' that I thought I might just never tune in again. There was a truly evil woman who made the show a displeasure to watch. I don't care how good of a cook she was, I simply don't want to watch anyone who takes such delight in saying nasty things about other people. I stuck it out and watched a nice guy, Luca Manfe, win the prize. Then I tuned in the brand new 'Masterchef Junior' and it has completely restored my faith in the series. The Junior edition focused on young children, all of whom could cook the pants off most adults, including many of the regular show competitors. In fact, during the show, Manfe made the same comment. Last night, the final edition was held, with two kids, 13-year-old Alexander Weiss and 12-year-old Dara Yu, facing off against each other.

Instead of hateful, pointed comments about their 'foe', these two supported each other as they prepared their foods. In fact, Alexander was the proverbial perfect gentleman. When Dara was missing a key ingredient, he gave her some of his. When she got nervous and was feeling lightheaded, he went to her and put his arm around her supportively.

What 'Masterchef Junior' did for the judges, especially Gordon Ramsey, was to allow them to show their humanity. During the entire season, they truly encouraged and mentored all of the children and they showed their playful sides on more than one occasion. In fact, there was even a spontaneous little food fight in one episode. I loved that. (The other two judges were Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot.)

I only questioned one call and that was in the show where the top four was named. I do think the judges went with the best overall junior cooks that day instead of the actual best four dishes. Their food commentary just didn't match up with the choices announced.

Ultimately, the winner was Alexander, whose piggy bank is now worth $100,000. He was the front runner all season long so it was a deserved win.

Well done, kids!