Maury Povich Predicts Who Will Become Top Daytime Host

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Katie or Rosie? Maury Povich, New King of Daytime, Predicts Who Will Succeed |

From the article:

"Maury Povich knows a lot about hosting a successful syndicated daytime talk show, and after 13 seasons is finally at the top of the rankings, based on number of viewers, and tied for No. 1 based on number of households. Now Maury is telling me who he thinks has the best shot of all the new talkers to have an Oprah-sized influence. Anderson Cooper, Rosie, Katie Couric or Jeff Probst?" ... :behindsofa:


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I'm not much of a Maury fan. He chose garbage over interesting, so he's not even on my TV radar. As for Oprah, I'm doubtful anyone will ever do what she's done. Others will make their own mark, but how many are really going to tune in to Dr. Oz just because she says to?