McGwire Fesses Up


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Well, it seems Mark McGwire is finally saying what the whole world knew, that he took steroids while playing baseball. Personally, I think his record, well once record, should be removed from the books. I think that about all of the steroid players, including Barry Bonds who is guilty as sin and knows it. I feel sorry for McGwire, but he made a bad choice and I don't buy the protecting his family bit. Otherwise, he'd still be protecting them. Well, money talks I guess since the reason he's telling is because LaRussa hired him as a coach.


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I'm not surprised at all. No matter how much they test for drugs in sports and especially the olympics, there will always be athletes looking to get an edge.

What surprises me is that the media took so long to find out.


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It's hard to say whether or not the media knew. Sometimes they like to hide, too, until the thing is blown wide open. It's like the current Canseco-McGwire 'who's lying' thing. Canseco is a jerk, but he is the one who brought it to the forefront and it's one reason he's persona non gratis just about everywhere baseball exists.


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When I heard the news I was shocked. Not the fact he was using them but the fact it wasn't already public. You can just look at his arms and tell.

All records on steroids should be removed. period.
As far as I am concerned, Mcgwire doesn't deserve to be forgiven for various reasons. Here is a guy who was extremely talented without the aid of any steroids, and he goes and screws up his reputation and the record books by using steroids. To make matters worse, he is only admitting to using because he just became a coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, and not out of any genuine guilt for his actions.


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That's exactly why I still think he's not telling all the truth. He did this for selfish reasons. If he really wanted to protect his family like he claimed, why go back into the spotlight? Ego.
I do think that there was a need for Mark McGwire to go public with an admission, but he didn't do it in the right way and for the right reasons. Also he was not completely honest, and until he is...why should anyone even think of forgiving him?