MDA Telethon Marches On


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
The Labor Day MDA Telethon is in the works, but it will not only be without Jerry Lewis, but it will only be 6 hours (versus 22 1/2) and it will be taped and not live, unless you live in the eastern time zone. Lewis has been ousted from the MDA, and no one is talking about why. It's not at all what was originally talked about a few months ago.

I'm very conflicted because I literally grew up watching this even every year. While the day of the telethon is pretty much over unless it's a Clooney-backed castrophe relief event, I still find this sad. It's not that I'm a big Lewis fan, but the man gave so much to MDA for decades, and it feels like they've just kicked him out onto the street. Maybe it will make sense at some point, but right now, I'm just highly confused. I don't know if I'll watch or not.